Jan 8, 2011


I look upon the house as something of an albatross. I simply don’t find myself with either the time or the energy to do the work I want to around the house and it’s a lot of work that needs getting done. I often feel like I’m in a ramshackle hut of a dwelling that is falling down around my ears and never is as orderly as I would like.

For instance... a few weeks back I came home one fine Friday evening noticing the house was a bit on the cold side. After puttering around I realized it was something I couldn’t fix myself. Being a homeowner means learning how to fix whatever you can on your own, when you can but in this instance there was no other choice but to call someone in.

Since it was on a Friday, it meant either sticking it out for a few days (because these kinds of things always happen on a weekend or a holiday) or paying a premium. I was lucky in that it was a warm weekend and with the help of space heaters I was able to soldier through a few days. As the days progressed though it did get colder and colder so when the plumber finally came to fix everything on Tuesday I was particularly glad to see him.

Yet, there was one discovery I made that was both a surprise and a pleasure – my fireplace which I hadn’t used in some time for no other reason than I just got out of the habit, is still wonderfully, fully functioning:


And really on a cold winter day or night there just is no beating sitting in front of a warm fire. :)

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